VIP stands in support of section 53

Vision Inspired by the people has weighed in on the discussion in the aftermath of the Chief Justice’s historic decision to strike down section 53 of the criminal code as unconstitutional, thereby making homosexual acts between consenting adults no longer criminal. VIP says it, “..stands in full support of section 53 of Belize’s Criminal Code and joins with other organizations in requesting the Government of Belize to appeal the decision of the Chief Justice to strike down section 53 of the Constitution.

SEC 53. Every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years.

VIP’s support for this provision is expressly to uphold, protect and preserve the general order of nature and the public interest, specifically the unhindered continuance of natural human procreation. “  VIP says this stance is in keeping with their promoting traditional Family Life Environment as one of the 5 critical pillars of National Development for an emerging Belize. The VIP says it believes that Belize’s legislature of 1981 which enacted the Belize Constitution, “…always intended that the term “sex”, refers to the gender of individual citizens, and not to the sexual orientation of citizens.” VIP says it “…urges current legislators, to clarify and protect by way of legislation, the original intention of the Belize Constitution as it relates to the term “sex”. By making the necessary legislative clarifications regarding the said term, Belize’s courts will be in a better position to make future decisions in conformity with the spirit of Belize’s original Constitution, which is the only document that binds Belizeans as one people.”

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