VIP to PM; stop blaming patriotic Belizeans for Guatemalan actions

We haven’t heard from Vision Inspired by the People for quite a while, as the third party did not even participate in the last General elections. However, the VIP issued a statement today on the illegal incursion into Belize by the Guatemalan armed forces. According to the VIP,   “It is abundantly clear that the Guatemalan Government is pursuing a path of military aggression and intimidation against Belize. [and] Guatemala’s military aggression toward Belize is a clear violation of Guatemala’s obligations as a member of the United Nations.”  The VIP says it calls on the Government of Belize to adopt a more proactive approach in dealing with Guatemala  and internationally prosecute Guatemala’s aggression because such action endangers civilian lives and threatens the peace and security in our region. The VIP press release also says   “..The VIP explicitly calls on the Prime Minister of Belize to refrain from blaming patriotic Belizeans, in particular the Territorial Volunteers, for Guatemala’s naked aggression. “  The release ends by saying that the VIP also calls on the Belize Government to craft in detail and make public the essence of a strategy for containment and management of Guatemalan’s neo-colonial claim.

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