VIP’s position on Petro Caribe Loan Bill

Yesterday The Christian Workers Union sent out a press release condemning the passage of the Petro Caribe Loans Bill 2015, and stating for the record that they distance themselves from the decision of the Union Senator Ray Davis who abstained his vote on the controversial bill. The press release also called their Union partners to join in the effort to revamp the Petro Caribe bill 2015.

Today in much the same way, the VIP (Visions inspired by the People) sent out a press  release condemning the rapid passage of legislation which they say is aimed at bypassing the oversight processes of the National Assembly as it pertains to the procurement of Petro Caribe loan financing. The press release said that quote,

“The creation of separate and /or special funds from which the loan proceeds is to be managed is in our view a further derogation of process since it is possible that the management of the loan funds will no longer require the oversight of the established Public Service entities.” Hubert Enriquez, a member of the VIP called in on Today’s Rise and Shine show in which he expressed on behalf of the VIP his astonishment by the vote of abstention by the Senator for the Unions at Monday’s sitting of the Senate.

Hubert Enriquez- VIP Member

“We are shocked by the no vote by the senator for the union. As we undervlcsnap-2015-04-02-12h53m39s215stand it,  it is a very difficult issue and the  Unions, in my opinion have always  fought for issues in terms of Governance and the democratic process. So when I listen to what has happened I am very disappointed that that is the position. In fact,  I want to comment the CWU for distancing themselves  from the position   that is taken by the senator of the Unions. So I want to reiterate our position, we stand squarely with the position of the business community and the churches and we are really are disappointed with the position of the Senator of the Unions. “

The press release added that, quote “Unions exist to champion the cause of democracy and to promote good governance, transparency in government affairs, and accountability.” The press release also ended by calling on Belizeans and quote, “democratic organizations to denounce this latest blatant attempt by the current government administration to bypass the oversight mechanisms of the National Assembly and to usurp the spirit and provisions of the Belize Constitution.

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