VIP’s position

The Vision Inspired by the People has always had a strong base in Belmopan, well that’s as far as third parties go. When the amalgamation of 2 third parties occurred to form the BPP, we made the mistake to include the VIP in that roaster, that’s because two very stalwart members of the VIP were also a part of the BPP movement. We had to retract our statement. Today while we spoke with the chairman of the VIP we asked him why is it that they stayed from jumping on the BPP bandwagon. Here what he told us.

Emanuel Pech- Reporter:  At any point is VIP considering joining the BPP since their main objective was to united the third parties? VIP stayed out of it are u guys willing to join?

Hubert Elrington, VIP Spokesperson: I want to say that in fact when that amalgamation occurred  we were not made aware of it. The persons who were leading our discussion in that regard, VIP has always been at the forefront of the amalgamation efforts, and so those persons who were responsible for leading the discussion for the VIP when they resigned from the VIP they went straight into this new party and so it did not give us an opportunity to express our view on what should have happened… and so I think that at some time down the road that matter will be discussed and we will come to some understanding.

Emanuel Pech:  Do you think it will be a  better stance for this third party if everyone is onboard?vlcsnap-2015-11-09-22h07m32s63

Hubert Elrington, VIP Spokesperson: Clearly, unity is strength and so thats a matter which we will certainly look at down the road.

BPP had presented 25 candidates in 25 of the 31 division for this election and got a total number of 2,300 collective votes.

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