Voice recordings may help case of Missing Mark Pollard

Earlier this week, we told you of the continued efforts by activist Jose Luis Espat to find several missing persons. One of those missing persons is 49 year old Mark Pollard who went missing during his morning run in July of last year. Despite best efforts, Pollard remains missing, but today, Dr. Espat told the media that there may be a break in the case as the family of Pollard has forwarded to him recordings of voice messages that may prove useful in the investigation of the case.

Activist, Dr Jose Luis Espat

I had the case from last year. I didn’t make public noise because of the circumstances surrounding this case and I was doing the canvasing, the investigation. I did a preliminary investigation at his house. I met with his family and from the information I got, I had enough information to formulate a theory. I will not say what that theory is because I don’t want to expose the details of the investigation as yet. Some time passed and I kept on getting different information, screenshots and different evidence and now I’m aware also that police was also aware, to a certain point, to what was taking place. But now I have in my possession which I have already turned over as well to the police. I spoke to Mr. Clyde Williams and Mr. Sargent Cowo. I handed over everything I have all the evidence and most importantly is a recording that I have. That was also part of the investigation. This recording is a recording of a call sent to one of Mr. Pollard’s family members. I don’t want to give details. This was gotten through a recording app that you can place on your phone that records all incoming and outgoing calls even if it goes to voicemail [or] even if it’s just a message left. It records everything and saves it to the phone. This was done based on evidence that I had before due to the canvasing and the theory I formulated just to confirm or probably get a solid evidence which we got now. That was done and it was successful. Now I have handed that over to the police. It is all up to the police now to make the arrest because I believe and I have spoken to Mr. Williams and also Mr. Cowo. I believe that, that would be done sometime today or tomorrow. 

Espat says, in his opinion, the police have enough evidence on the recording to question the suspect who he says is a flight risk. He says there is also another person who worked in collusion with the suspect. Espat says he believes Pollard was murdered and the recording suggests so as well.

Activist, Dr Jose Luis Espat

It’s a confession. It’s a matter of a confession and using an allegation of Mr. Pollard’s demise as a threat to someone else; that if they don’t comply with what is being asked of them, then they’re in danger of that happening to them as well. Because the recording app records the number that is being called from and the number that is called to and there are several post on which the alleged person has put this number reaching out to some fire victims and reaching out to other people as well. So there is a connection that I have already made and handed over to the police. Definitely. Because the original phone to which the call was made is readily available for the police to further investigate if they wish to do so. If you listen to the call or you would have listen to the call, you would know that this is no prank call and this is no joke and also the circumstances surrounding the case and other actions taken by the alleged person. This is no prank call.

Police have confirmed that they have the voice messages and have been doing there investigations. However, they have not yet questioned the alleged caller noting that they have to thread carefully in the matter ensuring they do not legally compromise themselves.

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