Guatemala’s ‘Volcan De Fuego’ erupted yesterday, leaving more than 60 people dead and over 400 injured.  Over 3,000 people have been evacuated from areas surrounding the Volcano, while it is estimated that more than 2 million people have been affected by the eruption. The eruption discharged red hot lava and thick clouds of smoke approximately 6 miles into the air. Clouds of ashes reportedly rained down some 25 miles away from the eruption into the capital city of Guatemala, also affecting the popular tourist destination of Antigua, Guatemala. According to Sergio Cabanas, the national disaster coordinator for Guatemala, four people died after lava set a house on fire. He further stated that two children were burned while standing on a bridge to watch the eruption. 2 Fire men also lost their lives while responding to the emergency. This is the most violent eruption to occur in decades says Guatemalan Officials.   Last night the Guatemalan government declared a State of Emergency as a result of the tragedy. President Jimmy Morales also issued a release declaring three days of National Mourning. The current death toll is expected to increase as search and rescue efforts continue.

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