PLUS Crew to the Valley of Peace Encountered Challenging Road Obstacles

Earlier this week, PlusNews travelled to the village of Valley of Peace in the Cayo District, to cover the story of Canadian national Brian Townsend, but we encountered some unexpected obstacles.

vlcsnap-2014-01-03-20h31m33s0vlcsnap-2014-01-03-20h35m25s54It had nothing to do with the story we intended to pursue, but with the condition of the streets in the village, perhaps due to the recent weather situations.  We came upon several of the streets in ruin, but for the most part, were able to maneuver around the potholes and swampy areas.  However, attempting to traverse on one particular street, delayed us some twenty minutes. In attempting to dodge this elongated break in the road, we wounded up getting stuck in mud, that not even our four wheel drive was able to spin us out of.

A resident graciously towed our truck out of the mud and we reversed up the street, but we reached only a few yards, until we again had to be towed out of a pothole.

vlcsnap-2014-01-03-20h35m03s76Thankfully, we were able to get off the street and out of the area, without any more incidents, but unfortunately, the residents of this village must deal with these conditions on a daily basis.  Conditions that are quite dangerous, especially for young children, who we saw playing and riding their bicycles in the area, keep in mind, these aren’t in isolated areas, but in a residential neighborhood.

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