VP of AGUSM talks to PLUS TV

It has been a torrid last few weeks for the school known as American Global University School of Medicine in Ladyville. On Wednesday activists protested the school, making specific allegations against its vice-president of operations, Peggy Allen. Today, Ms. Allen conducted a telephone interview with local media houses including PLUS News in Belize City. On the subject of the backlash against her and the school she kept it short. Here is that statement.

Peggy Allen – VP of Operations of AGUSM:
vlcsnap-2013-04-24-20h35m29s124Your question regarding the gentleman who has brought claims against the university, we are not aware of who these people are.  I have a copy of a release that was in one of the media, apparently by “Fawda” Henry, who his title next to his name is that he’s the President of “Do The Right Thing,”  a pedestrian crossing program.  We’ve never interviewed with this gentleman, or provided information about our program to him.  He has brought allegations that he stood outside of our newly acquired campus, which is located near the International Airport, and that it was closed.  Well that is somewhat of a very distorted explanation of our campus.

By which she means that the students going for the Bachelor degree in Medicine are currently on clinical rotations in U.S. cities from Spokane and Denver in the West to Baltimore, Miami and Orlando in the East. She made no mention of the statements against her specifically with regard to pending cases in the Ohio courts. Allen further clarifies the state of the AGUSM campus at present.

Peggy Allen – VP of Operations of AGUSM:
vlcsnap-2013-04-18-21h02m47s255Those transitions to those locations, they did not report back to campus.  I believe in some of the questions we were hearing is, even though our students are in clinical why would they still not be having access to the campus.  Well they generally don’t have access to the campus.  They are busy completing their clinicals in the United States and the United Kingdom.  So they don’t travel back to Belize to check in with the campus.  Furthermore, there are some allegations that there’s no construction workers at our site at this time.  That is absolutely correct.  We don’t have construction workers at the site at this time because there’s a process to renovating a building and to moving a campus.  The first stage of this is to acquire the property, and we just acquired this property.  And to that, stage one of the process has been completed, acquisition of the property.  Stage two is the planning and designing of the renovations, and we’re just about finished with the planning and designs.  I’ve a feeling there going to be done within the next week or two, where we will begin to have construction crews coming into the campus and to begin the Summer renovations to the building.

She further distinguished between the May 2013 semester and September 2013 opening semester.

Peggy Allen – VP of Operations of AGUSM:
Also the inquiry as to why our website indicates that we recruiting for May of 2013, when our campus is under renovations right now: The answer to that question is that we continuously recruiting, because we continuously have students coming on to our program. The medical program itself consists of two separate programs.  The first step of the program is the basis science program which is housed and located in our campus facility in Belize. Basic Sciences presents the US medical school curriculum, and a media release is actually issued to all of the media houses in Belize which listed our course of study and our courses these students are exposed to during that time.  They’re training in the basic sciences generally runs five semesters, and upon completing of those five semesters they then enter into the Clinical Science Program.  The Clinical Science Program is when they’re completing every two weeks a core, an elective clinical rotation, within our US or United Kingdom contracted teaching facilities.  What ends up happening, since we have very long and quality clinical rotations, we often-times, every semester, we get several students who transfer into our programs.

Based on prior recruiting figures, about 25 to 30 students will be in for the September 2013 semester, though students are also expected back for May orientation. Lastly, Allen mentioned that a Belizean from Benque Viejo Town is studying in Chicago, Illinois and is close to graduating, making her the first Belizean to graduate from AGUSM. We are told that AGUSM president Dr. Malik Soudah is in town and will be calling a press conference on Friday.

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