VP of FFB promises to pay A Team players soon

Plus News  got a chance to speak with FFB Senior VP Sergio Chuc, regarding the stalling of payment to the A team, for their participation in this year’s Gold Cup. As agreed to by the players and management, just moments prior to their departure to Oregon, the monies would be disbursed in three payments. The first payment was to be made in Mid-August, but we’re at the end of the month and the players are still awaiting those monies. But so is the Federation.

Sergio Chuc – VP FFB:

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-09h16m48s165The reason why the A Team has not gotten their money is because the FFB has not gotten its money from the participation at the recent Gold Cup Tournament.  The contract specifically said that the funds would derive directly from our participation in the Gold Cup.  I believe that the Secretary General, Mr Blease, is following it up with CONCACAF.  They’ve written to him that it would be any minute now that those funds will be coning, and them the players will get their money.


Sergio Chuc assures that the minute they receive the monies from CONCACAF, the players will be paid, and that the Federation remains fully transparent with the players in this regard.

A teamSergio Chuc – VP FFB:

The money will reach.  The players know that the FFB is strapped for cash, and that their cash will come from the participation in the Gold Cup.  Whenever that money reaches, they will get paid. If it takes another week, well that is the case.  If it takes a little longer, all we have to do is be straight with them, be quite open and frank .  We could show them the books, and whenever the money is here, it is their money.

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