Wade to be charged in court on Friday

Six months ago, PlusNews aired a story about work being done at the Santa Elena Sporting Complex by the Ministry of Works personnel after the Stadium had already been handed over by the contractor to BIL. Well that story has landed the journalist who covered it, Pastor Louis Wade, in trouble with the son of Minister of Works Rene Montero’s son, Robert Montero. On Thursday, 27th November 2016, Wade received a call from San Ignacio that MOW was completing the contract on Santa Elena sports complex and that if he should go there he would find MOW vehicles, trucks, rollers, graders, and employees out there working on what some workers felt was the responsibility of the contractor. While Louis Wade was taking video and pictures at the stadium, Wade says Robert Montero suddenly appeared at the stadium in a fit of rage and proceeded to use his red pickup truck to intimidate and block him from doing his job as a journalist. Wade claims that he was assaulted by Montero because he came in a red pickup truck and drove it directly at him under high speed. Wade says he had to jump out of the way several times to avoid being hit. As Wade lives in Belmopan, before he was able to make a report to San Ignacio police, Wade says that Robert Montero went in to Police and made a false report; that Wade, who was walking, is the one who assaulted Montero . Wade says that Cayo police failed to properly investigate his report of aggravated assault and instead focused on the false report of Montero. Well six month later, and just a few days before the Statue of limitation runs out on the case, Cayo Police have chosen to arrest and charge Wade for common assault and insulting words, while blatantly failing to interview Wade’s witnesses. Wade says he stands by his version of what happened and will fight the trumped up charges to the very end. He will be brought before the courts and charged Friday at 9am.vlcsnap-2017-05-18-20h38m28s849 vlcsnap-2017-05-18-20h38m32s280 vlcsnap-2017-05-18-20h38m35s213

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