Wallace brothers not linked to Shiny death

Earlier this week we showed you interviews with ACP Edward Broaster following the murder of alleged SSG affiliate 22 year old Michael Wallace. Police have said that they believe the killing was possibly retaliation for the April 16th murder of the reputed gang boss of George Street, Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett.  However, according to ACP Chester Williams, the Wallaces themselves had nothing to do with Tillett’s execution as far as police are aware, and their retaliation attempts are not necessary and not welcome:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police: I want to say clearly that from what we have been made to understand, South Side—particularly the Wallace brothers and the Underwood brothers—have absolutely nothing to do with Gerald Tillett’s death. From what we have been made to understand there is no connection between Gerald Tillett’s murder and those individuals. And I believe that the police have the person who is responsible for that murder at prison and I would want that those persons who are trying to be out there to avenge Gerald Tillett’s death to understand that the wheels of justice has began, allow it to take its course rather than to be out there lurking after people and trying to kill people innocently for what they did not dovlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h41m22s456

Through his attorney the reported head of SSG denied involvement in Tillett’s murder, for which one person has been arrested and charged.

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