Was bus Passenger hit or shot?

Yesterday, we reported on the bus incident where one passenger was injured by another passenger on an afternoon bus headed from Benquevlcsnap-2016-01-29-11h08m08s290 to Belize city.  As we told you at the time of the newscast, the information we had was still sketchy, though eyewitnesses told us on and off camera that the victim, 27year old Conrad Tomas of San Ignacio Town was shot to the right temple and was bleeding profusely on the bus.vlcsnap-2016-01-29-11h08m11s883 However, according to police, it is not quite what happened.  Officer Reyes told us more.  But was Tomas shot or hit to the head? That’s the question police are still trying to answer.  According to the police report issued today,  Tomas received a cut wound to the right side of his head and became unconscious. Police say, Tomas’ injuries were categorized as wounding. Yesterday, police and their dogs conducted searches in the area near the soft ball field, rounding up three suspects and searching for the weapon. Today, police say they have detained two persons, one of whom is a BDF, pending investigation and probable chargesvlcsnap-2016-01-29-11h08m20s248

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