Was Pastor Lucas reaching out for help before his death?

In the case of the murder of  Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, it appears that he was trying to reach out for help in regards to some trouble he was in. We have come to that conclusion since earlier on Friday, the same day his head was found in William Mason’s truck, Lucas had made an early morning stop at PlusTV. He wanted to get permission to go on the early portion of the Rise and Shine Morning show to discuss a pressing issue. The staff member who spoke to Lucas informed him that he would not be able to go on that morning and the host of the show was not available to speak to him right then. Lucas left PlusTV and apparently then made his way to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams’ office . We deduce this based on a FaceBook post made by Chester Williams in which he says,   “From I heard of Pastor Lou untimely death I was very saddened despite the fact that I do know him. But today it made me feel even worst after my secretary informed me that he went looking on Friday and waited there for a long while to see me but he never got the chance as I was out dealing with the gang summit at Birds Aisle. I was told that after waiting for almost an hour he left. Who knows why he was so eager to see me; maybe he needed my help with something and who knows maybe if he had seen me he’d still be here today? This really tore me today because I would never know the answers. It appears he left my office straight to his death.”

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