Waste Control Issues at Punta Gorda Hospital

vlcsnap-2014-02-04-22h17m13s45It is a Hospitals responsibility to ensure they implement the best sanitation policies and that those policies are enforced.

However, Plus News has received credible information, that the Punta Gorda Hospital is undergoing a garbage crisis. We have received Allegations regarding sanitary neglect that contaminated garbage is being to be stored in the hospital morgue.

According to the information we have received, the room where PG hospital stores its garbage is full and the incinerator has not been working for a period of over 18 months.

With the incinerator room now full, the contaminated waste is being stored in the morgue. Furthermore, we were reliably informed that another room also contains contaminated garbage;  an old incinerator room which, our sources say, can be easily accessed by anyone. We attempted to get in contact with the hospital but were unable to speak to someone in authority to respond to these allegations. One unidentified person we reached on the phone at the hospital did say that the hospital is currently trying to fix some issues concerning waste control. We thank our colleagues at PGTV for the pictures and the information. (END)



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