Waste control robbed again

At yesterday’s police briefing, ASP Alejandfro Cowo updated the media on some of the robberies that took place  in Belize City over the weekend.  One of those is the case of the robbery of 41 year old Brian Smith, Belizean Security Guard for SOS Security Firm. On Friday July 27th at about 3:00 a.m., Smith and a co-worker were on duty at Waste Control Compound located 3 miles on the George Price Highway . The two security guards were approached by three  male persons who had their faces covered and were armed with handguns. Inspector Cowo gives us the details

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: The one at waste control where two of the security guards were performing their duties on that Friday morning. Whilst inside of the compound, they were held up by three male persons who had masks on them, all of them armed with firearms and they held up Mr. Brian Smith and Mr. Alvin Flores both employees of SOS Security Company. And as a result they stole their security licensed firearms and then they broke into the office and they stole a safe containing assorted documents and about $5,000 in cash.

Reporter: Sir, when these men specifically target security companies, what do you think are their motives, are they looking to get firearms or what is the relationship?

ASP. Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Well, the main motive behind the attacks is the firearms. As you have learnt there have been several firearms confiscated by the police and several firearms been found by police. And we believe that this the moment that they are using to capitalize on these security companies.

Even though it did not make the news, earlier this year, Waste Control Management was robbed of  a large sum of money from their safe. This time, the culprits stole the entire safe.  According to Cowo, the business was advised to implement better security measures, prior to this incident.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: In the evening or before you close off, or even go do your night deposit. And if you want to leave any cash, you should just leave minimal amount of money in your office. But this is something that they have to consider and they have to see what is the motive behind it. We believe it is the fire and the cash that was inside of the building.

Two persons were detained and released due to insufficient evidence.  Police are investigating.

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