Water bill may be going down

And while inflation rate remains up, your water bill may be going down by as much as 6.39% . The Public Utilities Commission has reviewed the rates for the Belize Water Services and if there is no objection, by April 1st, BWS customers should be paying 16 dollars and 37 cents for every 1000 gallons of water used. This is $1.12 less than you are currently paying.  The  last rate review for BWS was the 2014-15 full tariff review proceeding and there hasn’t been any annual review proceeding since. As we said, this is only the initial decision. If there is objection from BWS or interested parties, they will object in writing and that would prompt  the appointment of  an independent expert to review the regulated values, tarrifs, fees and charges, before making recommendations. Based on that recommendation, the PUC would make its final decision.

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