Water Relief in Belize Rural North

vlcsnap-2015-09-17-21h26m03s89The lack of a proper water system coupled with an unusually long dry season has left the communities of Biscyane and Gardenia in Belize Rural North, struggling to meet their water needs. As a result, Major Lloyd Jones, PUP Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North, mobilized to bring some much needed relief to residents of Biscayne and Gardenia. Major Jones tells us more.

Major Lloyd Jones: We look for the resources to see if we can bring out water. The day before yesterday we brought out 4,500 gallons and we gave that to about 30 households, and then we ran out and maybe a third or so of the village was left, and then we scrambled again to see how we could find the resources to satisfy that need as well. We’re out today again, we started about 2 o clock. We’re in Biscain vlcsnap-2015-09-17-20h56m28s2as we speak and we’re hoping to reach the remainder of the village. There are at least another 20 or so households, and then we’ll call it a wrap for Biscain. Then we’ll see how we can then shift our efforts to Sartenia, which is also in need of clean drinking water.

And while the PUP Standard Bearer is bringing temporary solution to a problem that outdates even the last two administrations, the Area Representative for Belize Rural North, Edmund Castro, says a project is already in the pipeline to connect the communities of Biscayne and Gardenia to the water grid, bringing permanent solution to the issue. Castro also spoke about the water system in Maskall that is near completion.

Hon. Edmund Castro: We have received funding through CIFT where we are building an entire new system for the villagers of Mascal, which will encompass the entirety of the community. We are moving quite ahead, over the past week or two we have installed all the major crossing for the village water system in Mascal. We are moving quite nicely with the water system in terms of progress for the system in Mascal. The Guardeen Biscain, if you look at the television ad, we have signed I think, a BWS is in the process of selecting the contractor to do the work for both Guardeen and Biscain. We are providing water for both Guardeen and Biscain through BWS will be putting down the mains, installing the mains and we have CIFT who will deal with the connection in terms of the house hold connections of the main. So that system is in place. Anytime now we should be getting to know who the contractor will be for both systems. Both for the Mascal one and the one for the Guardeen Mascal.

vlcsnap-2015-09-17-21h09m05s255As for his competition in Belize Rural North, Castro welcomed it, and encouraged his PUP counterpart to do more, as in the end, he says, it only benefits the community.

Hon. Edmund Castro: Well I hope e mia do more. We had 45 years of PUP in Belize Rural North, and Guardeen and Biscain had always been there and the PUP had never provide water for them. We had 45 years of the PUP in the Belize River Valley, and not one village mi get water. So if he wants to bring one truck load of water to Biscain or Guardeen, it’s a help, but if he can do more, I would tell him to come. Let’s do more for our people, but one truck load nuh a help. We been providing, right now we are up to approximately 10,000 gallons a day in that area there. So 1 truck load, I thank him for it and if he can do a little bit more, come and help mi man. I nuh gat no problem with that.


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