Weather Forecaster explains cause of severe storm

At the weather bureau, forecaster Frank Tench Jr. was tracking the storm which spawned sustained winds of 57 miles per hour, average for a tropical storm, with maximum winds approaching 75 miles per hour, the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane, both measured at the International Airport. He tells us what caused it.

Frank Trench Jr – Forecaster, National Meteorology Service:
vlcsnap-2013-05-03-20h11m32s37The weather we experienced last night was caused by a surface trough.  The trough itself was located over the Yucatán Peninsular yesterday afternoon, and it initially produced a hail storm, which occurred in the Corozol District.  The trough continued to generate showers and thunderstorms across the Yucatán Peninsular.  Some of these thunderstorms eventually came across Northern Belize, and eventually worked their way to central and even southern Belize during the night, to produce the outburst of showers and thunderstorms and the strong winds we experienced last night.

The storm extended from southern Mexico to the north Honduras coast, but according to Tench there is not much unusual about it.

Frank Trench Jr – Forecaster, National Meteorology Service:
The months of April and May are the favoured months for these outbreaks of severe thunderstorms. It’s not out of the question to encounter severe thunderstorms during the months of April and May, especially since these are the two hottest months in the year. One of the conditions for severe thunderstorms to occur, you need  extremely hot daytime temperatures, and if you have favourable upper level conditions aloft, it just leads to the development of these severe thunderstorms, which is exactly what occurred yesterday.  Plus, you had sufficient moisture and the instability created by the surface trough in the region, over the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.  All conditions were favourable for that outbreak.

Mr Tench says a cold front is expected over the country this weekend and so there will be isolated showers but weather will remain mostly fair with no repeats of Thursday night.

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