Weed found in san Ignacio, teen arrested for weed in Camalote

San Ignacio police found 4.4 pounds of weed. On Tuesday evening, at around  4 p.m., police were conducting mobile patrol in the area of Shawville, San Ignacio, when they searched an open area. There they found 4 black plastic bags containing 4.4 pounds of cannabis. No one was in the area at the time of the search. The drugs were labeled and deposited as Found Property. Meanwhile Roaring Creek police searched a residence in the Young Bank area, Camalote Village on Tuesday night where they met 18-year-old Tristan Anthony Guerra. The search resulted in the discovery of three separate containers amounting to 72 grams of cannabis. Guerra was arrested for two counts of possession and one count of Possession of Controlled Drugs with intent to Supply to Another

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