Week Two: Still No Arrest In Russell Hyde Murder

A little over two weeks ago, notorious resident of Camalote Russell Hyde was killed along with a female companion. This, many said, was the culmination of a spree of murders that started with the murder of Russell Hyde’s common law wife Rosita Galvez who was gunned down near the junction of Guanacaste Park in Belmopan. Now while police have not made any arrests in the murder of Russell Hyde, there seems to be some progress in the investigation. Authorities in Belmopan say they are actively vlcsnap-2015-09-16-21h14m35s8seeking two persons of interest. Superintendent Howell Gillett tells us more.

Sup. Howell Gillett: Nobody has been arrested as to date, but yes we do have two persons who we are seeking for questioning in relation to this incident

Reporter: Would we be able to confirm at this time that one of those persons is a young man who has been sought from as far back from the shooting of Roselia Galvez, the common law wife of Russel Hyde?

vlcsnap-2015-09-16-20h00m19s161Sup. Howell Gillett: Because of the nature of the investigation so far, we wouldn’t want to give a name of such but yes we are working on it, very diligently to have these two persons brought in. As they are they are just suspects. We need to interview them first, have them brought in an interview them so that we could have some more light on what really took place on that night.

Since the spike in crime a few months ago starting with the murder of Rosita Galvez, Russell Hyde’s common law wife, authorities have increased police presence in the village of Roaring Creek;  even adding a 24 hour rotational shift. This, police believe, has contributed to the lowering of criminal activity in the area.

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