Weekend in Belize City: Three murders


We now go to Belize City where three murders have been reported this weekend, while a fourth shooting victim is said to be in critical condition in hospital. The first took place around 9:00 p.m. Friday night on the Pen Road Extension basketball court during which  26 year old Clifford Anderson was shot to the right upper thigh area. Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South), Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, has more details:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-12-15h23m49s123

“Apparently there was some incident that took place yesterday or the day before and that was what triggered what took place last night. It goes back to what I’ve always been saying. Many of the shootings that have been happening recently are not as a result of old beef but rather things that just happened. It just developed quickly and resulted into death.”

The second incident took place around 4:15 Saturday morning. 40 year old Karim Hafiya was shot multiple times on Plues Street as he was about to enter his gate and died at the scene. Police say they are still working on a motive for both incidents as they do not appear to be gang related. In the case of Hafiya’s murder, the motive at this timevlcsnap-2016-07-12-15h24m26s235 appears to be personal but there are different angles police are reviewing:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police

“Well this one is a stunning incident for us, as you said. We are still trying to figure out what happened there. Mr. Haifa has been in that area for quite some time now and I think about 2 weeks ago he was robbed in that same area. The perpetrator is currently in prison and that is one angle that we are looking at. The next angle is that he was having a dispute with some female and the female may have made some threats to him and so we are looking at those possibilities. At this time from, what we are seeing, it is not gang related because he is not in any gang. While we might have an idea who is responsible we are still trying to determine exactly which of the two is more closely related.”

We are told that the robbery incident took place near the same lodge hall on Regent Street West where Giovanni Gentle was killed last Saturday night, though it is not clear if there is a connection. Hafiya, also known as Keon, was working with NICH as a security guard and had just arrived home from an event at the House of Culture when he was targeted. We asked ACP Williams to comment on why murders caused by domestic and personal issues prove more difficult to solve and prevent than gang-related murders:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police

“With the gang related incidents if we can foresee them coming we can put measures in place to prevent them. Another thing we can to is to cause interventions between the parties and intervene between them. When it happens just like this, especially when it comes from some personal thing between man and woman it is more difficult to determine what has gone wrong. Yes, they are more difficult than the gang related incidents.”

 Police continue to investigate both incidents. The third fatality which occurred following our interview with Chester Williams is that of a Roaring Creek man, 29 year old Roger William Banner, who police say was shot multiple times to the body and head as he sat on the canal rail speaking to his girlfriend. The incident took place on West Canal near Public Supermarket. Police have since detained one person and are looking for two others in connection with this incident.


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