Weekend weather causes flooding in Four districts






Since Thursday of last week, there’s been a consistent downpour of rain over the country which led to some flooding in the City of Belmopan on Friday. Those showers continued on over the weekend though; causing flooding in four of the six district. Plus news spoke with Chief Meteorological Officer – Dennis Gonguez who told us about the cause of the recent rains.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-08h48m46s105Mr. Dennis Gonguez- Chief Meteorological Officer

“Well, the inclement weather was being caused by the tail end of a weakening cold front.   This front was over the Yucatan peninsula on Thursday evening and Friday and it slowly softened a little bit southwards and caused the inclement weather that we experienced over the weekend”.

According to NEMO small number of persons were evacuated from the various areas, which were affected by flooding to ensure preservation of life. We spoke with District Coordinator for NEMO Mrs. Claire Moody who told us more.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-08h49m27s95Mrs. Claire Moody- District Coordinator for NEMO in Belmopan

“Well, some of the areas that are  affected are Maya Mopan and a little around the San Martin area…and all th areas are affected little, but the one that is most is the Maya Mopan area.”

Reporter Jesse:   “Why is that?”

Mrs. Claire Moody:   “Well. Because it has a creek that runs through it and that creek is the one that really overflows.   It can’t take the amounts of water because we had some terrible rains, it flashed over the banks and that’s what we are waiting to subside right now.”

NEMO’s afternoon release stated that Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team rescued 6 persons in Valley of Peace Sunday night and 6 persons in Frank’s Eddy Monday morning; while the Roaring Creek Bridge had 8ft of water below the deck of the bridge. Clair Moody told us that these condition are improving

Mrs. Claire Moody:   “Actually, we spoke to all the chairmen just a while ago on telephone.   In most of the villages it’s raining, yes, it’s wet, but they are more likely okay.   There have lost food crops but the village that seemingly had the most problem was Teakettle”.

While the Village of Teakettle was seemingly affected the most Chief Met Officer-Dennis Gonguez says that the Southern part of the country received the highest recorded rainfall.

Reporter:  “In terms of flooding conditions, could we still expect those rains coming down from the mountains?”

Mr. Dennis Gonguez:  “Yes.   In addition, we are expecting another two inches or so between tomorrow or down this time and tomorrow although we still see the rivers stabilizing right now for the next two or three days.”

Reporter:  “What is like for the next two days?”

Mr. Dennis Gonguez:  “Well, for the next 24 hours, we expect showers to continue, looking at rains though till about midday tomorrow and then we will start to see some improvement a tomorrow evening comes and on Wednesday we should see some better weather”.

Dennis Gonguez says that the weather system hasn’t fully crossed the country as yet and that we can expect another 2-3inches of rain Monday tonight before things start clearing up Tuesday afternoon.

NEMO’s Monday 6PM update advises that flooding continues throughout the Country. The release says that in the east, the flood waters are now starting to impact the Belize District and residents within those areas are asked to be on the alert for flooding. NEMO warns that persons’ especially in Hattieville, Free Town Sibun, Gracie Rock, La Democracia; Ladyville, Lords Bank, Burrell Boom, Fresh Pond, Crooked Tree, Sand Hill, ; Grace Bank, May Pen; Bomba; Scotland Half Moon, Lemonal, Rancho Dolores, Willows Bank, and St. Pauls Bank is to take heed of this warning. There was also an incident in Belmopan late this evening where, Shelters in the UB Gymnasium had to be relocated due to a bomb threat at the University of Belize. The Low lying Bridge in San Ignacio /Santa Elena is still under water. The Iguana Creek Bridge is still under water and the Baking Pot Ferry remains closed. Just after midday Monday a Succotz  resident 65yr old Carlos Valdez lost his life when his canoe capsized after he tried to cross the Mopan River.


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