Well known San Benito man murdered; family fearful

On Monday of last week, we reported on another murder in the south,where a San Benito man was killed while walking home after vlcsnap-2016-06-28-18h00m29s949church. On Saturday the 18th of June, 36 year old farmer of San Benito Village, Francisco Ack, was walking home from church when he was attacked by two unidentified male persons. On the following day, the 19th of June at around 2:00 a.m., Ack’s body was found in some nearby bushes by police. Ack was apparently chopped multiple times to his head, neck, back and right shoulder.  Later that week, a relative of Francisco Ack called Plus news to tell us that there was much more to the story of his murder. Louis Wade travelled to San Benito Poite on Friday to speak with the family and to find out what really happened and how they are coping. The village is 40 miles from Punta Gorda Town and located in a very remote area just a short distance from the border with Guatemala.


Louis Wade, Plus TV

“We are here in the village of San Benito Poite. It’s taken us several hours to reach here but it’s an absolutely beautiful village almost vlcsnap-2016-06-28-18h01m53s614on the border of Guatemala. We have come here to look into the murder of Mayan man Mr. Ack that took place here a couple weeks ago. The story has not been properly covered and so we have come to get some of the details from the wife as to what happened on that faithful night when her husband left the church and was walking home when he was brutally attacked and killed. We are at Mr. Acks home and you will notice that his yard is very well tended and the home is beautifully placed. You can see very clearly that he was someone that was very industrious. The house is empty now because as we understand the wife Mrs. Lousia Ack has left this place with her children and has now gone back to live with her parents. We are going to get an interview with her and discuss what happened on that faithful night and why she believes her husband was murdered. We have spent a couple of hours in the village of San Benito and we’ve been able to find out that Mr. Ack was 36yrs old and has 5 children. His first name was Francisco and he was an assistant pastor and deacon at this church here. This is called the river of life church and he was well known and well respected by this community. There is no police station in the village but there is an Alcalde. Mr. Ack was part of the village council and was one of the most trusted people and so it has become a shock to this community.


Apolonio, Speaking for a Witness

“The person saw when the church service was finished he went to a spot where you can access Digicel and Smart service. He stayed vlcsnap-2016-06-28-18h03m08s471there for about 20 minutes and after that somebody saw him walking down the road. A few minutes later he heard a big slash. The incident happened around 9:30pm and the police arrived at 2:39am the following morning.”

Louis Wade, Plus TV

“We are here right now at the actual location where the murder took place. He came down from this particular road singing at about 9:30pm in the night when the moon was full. One person waited on the road to identify if it was really him while two other persons who participated in the murder waited near the bathroom. When he was coming down the road the murderer approached him and began to give him his first chop in the area and then he ran the opposite way and finally came down here when he died. We understand that he died kneeling down with the Bible between his feet in a form of prayer.


Mrs. Lousia Ack, Wife of Victim

“He is a humble man and he always attend church services. My husband was a man who does not run jokes with anybody that is on vlcsnap-2016-06-28-18h04m34s124the street. At the church he was just lately offered to be a Deacon. When the incident happened my father came and told us that he was dead. Then my daughter and I went to the scene and that’s where we saw that my husband was dead on the spot. The police got here late. The police are not close because this village is 40 miles away from Punta Gorda. We hardly have the police around here.”


Louis Wade, Plus TV

“Several people have gone to the police to make an actual report and witness statements and we are hopeful that in the next few days the police will be able to make an arrest. For us here at Plus Tv we will continue to investigate this story until the perpetrator is brought to justice. This is Louis Wade in San Benito Poite for Plus News.”




Punta Gorda police are investigating the murder and told us that they have been following a few leads and believe that an arrest may soon be made.

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