Wesley College Students observe Drug Awareness Week





Last week we showed you the parade organized by Gwen Lizarraga High School in support of its Drug Awareness Week. Many schools around the country have taken up the initiative. But the school that has done it the longest – and the best – was in action on Wednesday in Belize City. At Wesley College it’s Red Ribbon Day, and the school and its staff loudly proclaimed their message: “A Healthy Me is Drug Free!” With more here is the school’s guidance counselor, Elizabeth Goff.

vlcsnap-2013-10-31-09h06m03s101Elizabeth Goff – Guidance Counselor:

“We are celebrating our 15th Annual Red Ribbon Week, which is all about drug prevention.   We have been having a week of activity; today is Red Ribbon Day; we started at our church service at Wesley and our traditional Red Ribbon Parade, so, we are bringing the message “SAY NO TO DRUGS” to the community, so that our community can see that what we are trying to make a difference to empower our students with attitudes, skills and knowledge that they will reap in order to make good decisions”.

Wesley’s program has been active for 15 years, and Mrs. Goff tells us the difference is clear.

Elizabeth Goff:

“Certainly, excitement continues to get bigger and bigger.   There is a lot of excitement.   When we started in 1999, it was the first step and each year we have seen growth, students look forward to the week and there is a lot of involvement; a lot of participation.   Of course we know that drug prevention isn’t done on a week, but the week brings the school community together.  We are united in this one week, a common voice, one choice under the theme this year, “A HEALTHY ME IS DRUG FREE”.  

The parade on Albert and Regent Streets took place after the annual church service at Wesley Methodist Church.

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