West Street Man Left for Dead in Open Lot

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h46m48s32Residents and travelers on Orange Street were greeted by an unpleasant scene just before 6:00 of Saturday morning.

Police recovered the body of Samuel Steven Miguel, 22, of a West Street address, in the parking lot across from the Raymond Parks Salvation Army Night Shelter and Lin Chi Wholesale, formerly Xtra House.  Miguel was found only with blue checkered boxer shorts on and his face and head sported a large cut wound and an apparent stab wound on the right side of the face.

We spoke to family members off-camera who said he was not a troublemaker and worked with the Youth Apprenticeship Program learning to become an electrical engineer.  He had a girlfriend who was four months pregnant.  We hear more from Precinct 1’s Inspector Jorge Villanueva.

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h47m41s127Inspector Jorge Villanueva- Officer in Charge of Precinct 1

“The CIB personnel visited an open parking lot in front of the Raymond Parks homeless shelter, where they observed a dark complexion male person with what appeared to be stab wound to the head and an apparent stab wound to his face.  The body was later identified as Samuel Steven Miguel, 22, Belizean of #157  Far West Street”.

Reporter:  “Sir, can you give us an information as to what you have been able to find out of how this gentleman was stabbed and killed?”

Inspector Jorge Villanueva:  “At this time, the police have detained two persons and are investigating the matter, but at this point I don’t want to mention anything because in the investigation , we have a lead that may result in some arrests”.

Investigations continue to trascend.

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