West Will Play with Honduras

It’s official! Woodrow West has signed a contract with the Honduran Football Club El Progreso and his heading to Honduras next week to begin training  in time for the Liga Nacional De Honduras.  West and his advisor, Ernesto Franco,  met last night in Belmopan with members of El Progreso including Industrial Relations Officer, Nahum Perez. The meeting was to discuss some of the finer details of the contract. After feeling satisfied, the 29 year old Goal Keeper for the Belize Jaguars agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Nahum Perez – Industrial Relations, El Progreso

“Well we have been following him through Professor Yelm who also wanted him to come to the club. That is why we have come here to contract him. “

Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“What are some of the things that stood out about West, watching him on TV and other mediums?”

Nahum Perez

“His condition, He is a goal keeper who plays with his feet. He is very fast and he is a goalkeeper with height. He is an excellent goalkeeper. We know that we have him on board  now and we know he will be an asset to the team.”

Emanuel Pech

“This counteract is for three years, if I am not mistaken. Well Woodrow West still have the freedom to come play for the National  Team? That is one of the main concerns Belizeans have.”

Woodrow West– Goalkeepervlcsnap-2015-06-19-13h06m23s236

”Three years is just our policy that we agreed to but it is negotiable.  If another club wants me, I am still free to go. They wil be in negotiation with the club and myself.  That’s why I took a long while discussing with them sentence by sentence within the contract paper to make everything clear.  Yes, it is a FIFA rule that they have to release me to come and play even if it affects the team if they are playing the same day.  We agreed to that and they know for a fact that they have to release me to come and play for the National Team. I’ll be back in  Belize in the next couple of months. “

Ernesto Franco – Contract Advisorvlcsnap-2015-06-19-13h06m54s48

“We saw a format of the contract and verbally what has been discussed. We need to see , in full, tomorrow when he signs the contract – we need to go over it again to ensure that what we discussed is in the contract. Until then I can say, ‘well yes we fully agree.’ Presently, we agreed what we discussed verbally. I am satisfied. he is satisfied. I believe it is best for West to improve on his talent that he has already and he will excel in Honduras and it will be a positive outcome for the team.”

The contract was officially signed today. Woodrow West, originally from Corozal, says that leaving his friends, family and the Belmopan Bandits, his former team, was one of the hardest decisions to make. Nevertheless, he said it was a decision he felt called to make.

Woodrow Westvlcsnap-2015-06-19-12h59m48s127

“It’s not personal, it is not for money. Yes I would like the biggest pay check for any game, but it is not for money. I want to clarify that. It is for the experience and to show on my resume that I have played internationally – And for my family as well. My dad, he has been looking forward to this for years and it was his dream and mu dream as well. I feel like this is just the right move I am making and on the right time.  Maybe there is something bigger out there. Honduras is just the open window  for the next year or so to come and I hope it is successful for me  at least  for this year. I believe in myself  and I know that I can go far.  

Nahum Perez

“This is the first time that the team is contracting foreign players and look, it is two Belizeans. The two are very good players. Originally, we just had Honduran players. This is the first time that we will have two foreign players on the club. We want to fight for the win. We want to be the champions. We almost had the championship last year but the thing is that last year there were some circumstances that prevented us from wining. We know that by contracting these types of players now – that’s what we want. To make history in Honduras.”

This the second time West would be playing in an international club. El Progreso was also interested in contracting Belizean Star Striker Deon McCauley. They are to meet today to negotiate the terms of the contract. If Deon accepts the contract it will be his second time playing in the Liga Nacional De Honduras.

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