Western Regional Expansion Zone Sold Off?

Between the years 1993 to 1998 the then UDP government hired a trained professional Town Planner in the name of Simon Robenson to review and update the original master plan for the development of Belmopan.

The updated master plan included 8 acres of land to the north of the Western Regional hospital that was designated for the expansion of the hospital. But in 2009, a year after, the current UDP Government was elected into office, the 8 acres of land was subdivided into 8 single lots that were later transferred in the names of other persons’ including names of people with US citizenship for an undisclosed amount of money.

According to Eloy Waight, who worked at the Belmopan City Council under the tenure of the first mayor of Belmopan Anthony Chanona, since 2009 he noticed that the parcel of land was being surveyed for subdivision. He inquired at the lands department about the matter but was fruitless in his efforts to get the necessary documents.

On Friday February 20th 2015 he tried again and this time was able to get some of the relevant documents. He shared his finding with us.


vlcsnap-2015-02-26-08h37m15s194Eloy Waight

“We have now acquired some legal documentation from the Land Registry in Belmopan, which now shows us clearly that the parcel of land was subdivided in September 2009. 

Than we found out that in 2010 the land had been sold off to several people in Belmopan, and throughout the country. 

Our observation is that these people are frontiers, we call them, because ultimately from parcels 8447 to 8443 have been assigned to one Jack Robert Wade and then James Robert Wade.”


Since divided parcel number 8443, 8444, 8445 and 8446 has been transferred to James Robert Wade, of a US address, parcel number 8447 has been transferred to Rudolph Williams, of a Belize City Address, parcel number 8448 has been transferred to Sandra Cruz of a Belmopan address, parcel number 8449 has been transferred to Elida Anita Mendoza of, a Santa Elena address, and parcel number 8450 remains for the Government of Belize but is in the process of being transferred to the name of Allison Patnett.


Eloy Waight

“What we, the residents of Belmopan, are asking the Government of the day, and especially Belmopan City Council, that they must come clean with us, and we will not let the case die a natural death.  We want our land to be returned back to the Western Regional Hospital, and there’s a lot of reasons why.  There is no parking space at the hospital at present.  There is no land for expansion. 

Anyone can take a look, drive into the hospital compound and you’ll see the amount of constructions in there, and we have nowhere else to build, nowhere else to go.”


Former Mayor of Belmopan Anthony Chanona has also been on top of this issue since 2010. He wrote a Letter to the Prime Minster of Belize saying that, “Parcel number 4211 is designed for the future expansion of the Western Regional Hospital. There is compelling evidence that asserts the fact that the design public use of these two specific parcels have been recently abrogated to accommodate ‘special’ interests.”

Mr Chanona implored the PM to look into the irregularities and to instruct that the appropriate measures be taken to reverse them. In an official letter from the Prime Minister’s office, PM Barrow responded saying that quote, “I’ve raised your concerns with the Belmopan Area Representative and the Minister of Lands. I plan to do so as well with the Mayor.” that letter was dated 2010.


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