Western Regional Hospital investigating death of unborn baby

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-10h12m19s34On Monday, a report came in that a man lost his unborn child at the Western Regional Hospital.  Although this man’s suffering is understandable, hospitals in general are known to lose lives daily- a natural course of life. However, what makes this man’s case peculiar is that he claims that the loss of his unborn child was no accident.

Juan Sacul – Father:

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-10h23m50s206They inject my wife, fi make they kill the baby.  Because one thing I never did, I  was never there with my wife, ina di night.  The whole night them do it fi she. They no got right fi do that.  Nobody give them right fi do that.



On Thursday we visited the hospital where we hoped to get more information. We spoke to the Hospital Administrator, Bernadeth Nicholson, off camera and she explained to us that she is aware of the situation. However, she does not have the information needed to put the case to rest. Nevertheless, she explained that she has a team that is investigating the issue, and will be willing to provide us with more information as the details unfold.

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