What happens after 30 days incarcerated?

As we said, 40 alleged gangsters are currently incarcerated and will be locked up for at least a month. So, what happens after their time is up and they are released from prison?  According to ACP Chester Williams, it does not end there. Williams says that Police will be doing further investigations in an attempt to re-arrest and further charge some of these men. 

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: As I’ve said before, within the first 30 days, we will be looking at the investigations in respect to the offenses listed in the notice they got. If it is that we come up with evidence that will be sufficient enough to charge any of them for any of the named offenses, then we are going to do that. Another offense that we are looking at is the gang membership offense, and other offenses relating to the gang legislation. More than likely, some of them will be charged under the gang legislation, and if we can get evidence against them in respect to the criminal offenses, then we are also going to charge for that.

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