Who Pushed Mr. Jose Marin from the National Bank?

National bank of BelizeThe National Bank of Belize has been embroiled in controversy since last week when managing director Jose Marin announced his resignation, ostensibly because he could not see eye-to-eye with the board of directors chaired by Senator and Minister Joy Grant.

But Grant’s understudy, CEO Dr. Colin Young, has been named elsewhere as a possible cause of Marin’s departure. It is alleged he tried to get a loan from the Bank.  But the senior public officer today categorically denied the allegations.

vlcsnap-2014-03-26-21h25m16s23Dr. Colin Young- CEO of the Ministry of Energy and Technology

“Well, it is unfortunate that that is what Channel 5 casts that I said to Mr. Marin and what I will say is that I can categorically deny such things.  You can get any additional information from the bank.  The bank has internal processes set up and those processes were  followed in every instance.  So, I suggest that information can be dealt in from the bank, but I categorically deny any probability that was alleged by Mr. Marin.  My understanding is that while the bank has a facility that will target people prone to earn low income, the bank also has the facility to ask to other Belizeans to access, including things like refinancing a mortgage, business loans and are significant in regards to the initial sealing.  If you would recall the bank on the initial sealing, that sealing was realist.   But again, I would suggest that you would contact somebody from the National Bank for them to explain to you how their portfolio works.  But it is the National Bank which, as the Prime Minister said, there is a focus on a particular group of Belizeans in terms of the income, but there is also a facility for other Belizeans to access, once they meet the requirements”.

The Bank has not named Mr. Marin’s replacement.


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