Why is fuel tanker still waiting?

An independent Internet Media website called Contracorriente, has taken up the story of the Belize cargo Ship, Syrtos, which has been anchored offshore Belize City, waiting for its Petroleum cargo from Venezuela to be offloaded.  Yesterday, PlusNews announced that in an unexpected Sunday Press Release from the Government Press Office, the official explanation was  quote,    “…unanticipated difficulties encountered by PDVSA, not by PUMA or the GOB, in the offloading of a shipment of fuel from Venezuela to Belize, and has absolutely nothing to do with any payment by GOB of its fuel bill. All GOB bills are, and are expected to remain, up to date.” However, the article published yesterday by ContraCorriente states that Venezuelan authorities are the ones accusing the Government of Belize of being “bankrupt”, its owners demanding the previous payment and believe the government does not have enough resources to pay for it. The news article says this is the real reason why the Syrtos ship arrived at the Belizean ports with more than three million litres of fuel but that fuel could not be discharged. They add that the Vessel Syrtos still has in its tanks one million 872 thousand 705 litres of diesel and one million 135 thousand 623 litres of airplane gas.  ContraCorriente says that their Venezuelan sources say they anticipate Belize to have more Fuel shortages due to inability to make payments to Venezuela. While that is what one online article is saying, according to a press release from Puma Energy Bahamas S.A issued today, their diesel and jet fuel inventories are at normal levels after having received a vessel this weekend. The press release says, and we quote, “Regarding gasoline, we are expecting the offload of a PDVSA vessel in the next several days. As part of our commitment to ensure supply to the country of Belize we are importing gasoline by trucks from our neighboring countries as a precautionary measure. Additionally, we will receive another vessel with gasoline this weekend. We do not anticipate any supply disruptions this week and ensure consumers that product is available in the country.

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