Why was Lucas’ head saved and where was it going?

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One of the burning questions in the Llewelyn Lucas murder case that has not been answered as yet is the reason for the vlcsnap-2016-07-20-11h18m39s112head being in the truck, since according to police,  Lucas was killed on the ranch, his vlcsnap-2016-07-20-11h18m58s47head removed, and the rest of his body burned. The head found in the truck was cleaned up, according to sources , and well wrapped, placed in a bucket. Why not just burn the head too along with the rest of the body? Why not dispose of the whole body and totally conceal any evidence of his death? Where was the head being taken? And is it possible that the head could have been prepared as proof of a job done? Being taken to someone as a trophy of sorts? While there are no answers to that question that the media is privy to at this time, investigations are still ongoing we understand. Today, a witness told PlusNews that he saw Pastor Lue in Dangriga and he was along with Mason. He said that Lucas introduced him to Mason and asked if he would like to go along with them . He says he declined and so Lucas got into a vehicle with Mason and that was the last time he saw Lucas alive. We also understand that another person, hs spoken to police saying that he was along with Lucas at the time of the kidnapping but he was set free while Lucas was kept by the culprits. Police have asked us not to interview the witness on air so as not to prejudice the investigation, and we will respect that request.

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