Wife of Traffic accident victim supports Succotz road blockers

Emotions ran high at the August 19th Succotz demonstration and road block after the accident that left one dead and another clinging to life.

Yolanda Valencia is believed to have died instantaneously during the fatal traffic accident involving Deputy Compol Miguel Segura, while Yanie Cu, a taxi driver of Succotz, had to be taken to Guatemala for treatment.

On Tuursday Ruselia Cu, the wife of Yannie Cu, through her tears, told reporters why she stands in solidarity with the people who took part in the protest and those who were summoned to court on Thursday to answer to charges of rioting and illegal assembly.


vlcsnap-2014-11-14-09h56m06s41Roselia Cu – Wife of Yanie Cu

[Translated] There is a group of people that were taken to court today, because of something that they reacted to, because of all the hurt. It is enough that they suffered the loss of a loved one and then to know that there was also someone that was hospitalized in a critical condition.

Everyone that came to visit him saw the pain he was in. And so that is why they were summoned today for seeking justice. They reacted because of all the pain.

I can’t criticise them because they helped me with transportation, they helped me to be able to eat, so that my sons can go to school. Succotz, more than anything, is a community united.”


Yanie Cu was the sole breadwinner of the house.

On Friday, we will tell you of Yanie Cu’s condition, and why doctors say there is a chance he will walk again.

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