Wil Mehia responds to PM’s comments about cause of Guatemalan aggression

On Monday in an interview with the Media, PM Barrow says that he is absolutely convinced that it is Belizeans visiting the Sarstoon area that precipitated Saturday’s standoff between the GAF and the BDF. We caught up with Wil Mehia via phone today for his response to the PM’s comments after the national Security Meeting. In case you missed it here are the PM’s comments on what is triggering Guatemala’s latest posturing on the Sarstoon River. Here is what Mehia had to say about the Prime Minister’s Comments. Mehia says that he is also disappointed in BDF Commandant’s response to the media as it relates to how he views Guatemalan generals agressing Belizean soldiers. The Belize Territorial Volunteers have made at least 5 trips into Sarstoon but on their last trip, Guatemalan forces entered Belize’s territorial waters and prevented them from entering the Sarstoon.vlcsnap-2016-03-16-10h01m45s777 vlcsnap-2016-03-16-10h01m29s992

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