Wilfredo Magaña claims Government owes him compensation

Earlier in our news cast we told you about the start of the sugar cane harvest 2015, which according to BSI authorities started 42 days late, only 2 days later than last year’s harvest which was also delayed.

However,  while the Government pats themselves on the back for saving the sugar industry again, the man who provided them with the way out, Wilfredo Magaña, a board director of the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association, says the Government owes him.

Mr Magaña, who was then a member of the United Sugar Cane Producers Association, lead a few hundred cane farmers to challenge the Sugar Industry Act, that resulted in the order of consent issued 2010.

The act, as we all know, was not amended until last week Monday; more than four years after the deadline.

Wilfredo Magaña is now seeking compensation for his legal expenses.

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