Will Darrell Run for Mayor Again?

Monday was the deadline for candidates for the United Democratic Party (UDP) to contest the Mayoralty of Belize City to submit their names.

The list thus far looks like this: current Deputy Mayor and councilor Bernard Q. Pitts, Jr.; former deputy Mayor Dion Leslie, and former councilor Leila Peyrefitte.  If you didn’t hear current Mayor Darrell Bradley’s name, that’s because he apparently has not submitted his name in consideration.

The Mayor has been back and forth on whether he would run for a second term or throw his hat into national politics. But time is now running out. So will he, or won’t he?

We cornered him today to find out, but we will let him do the talking.

vlcsnap-2014-04-01-21h39m13s109Reporter:  “You missed the deadline to running for mayor”.

Mayor Darrel Bradley:  “Because I have court”.

Reporter:  “So, will you be running?”

Mayor Darrel Bradley:  “When I come back, when I come back!  I’ll text you and then I will give you an interview, okay?

So neither a yes nor a no.  At the time of this writing, we are yet to be contacted.  The Council’s current term ends next March.  The UDP is seeking an unprecedented fourth straight term in office.

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