Will Mayor Bradley run again?

The Mayor’s issues both inside and outside the Council have led to speculation that he may step away from a second candidacy.

While he did not exactly dispel the rumours, Mayor Bradley did indicate that he remains on the job.


Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City

The position is that people have elected me to the office to solve problems.  People have asked questions, ‘Mayor you seem frustrated.’ Mayor this.  Mayor that.  That’s not something that just has happened.

I’ve had conversations with you privately and public in terms of some of the challenges that I face as mayor. I knew that this was going to be a difficult job and people elect you not to be popular or not to do things in a popularist way, but to make an impact. There are difficult questions that we have to face, but that is what leadership is about. It is about facing difficult questions in a mature way. And if there comes times where when I am saying to myself that this thing can’t work in terms of how the operation is, then I know what I have to do. But people elect me for a three year term to solve difficult problems and that is what I intend to do for the full term in office when I have been mayor.

We’ve had a lot of discussions on this. I have mentioned it on the media, I have mentioned it to my councilors.  We’ve had council meetings that have been very, very intense.  We’ve had council meetings that last five hours, just on this one topic, in terms of looking at the numbers, seeing how this thing is working, and that is what people elect you for.”


Mayor Bradley denied packing up his office and moving back to his law firm, even if only temporarily.

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