Will ‘Philloughby’ run?

Former UDP City Councilor, Phillip Willoughby, is reportedly being sidelined by the UDP. Two weeks ago, Willoughby placed his name as a candidate to represent the party in Port Loyola as standard bearer in the 2020 elections. However, News Five has reported that Willoughby is being asked by the UDP to step aside from running in the upcoming conventions. We also understand that he is also reportedly being asked to step down from his job with the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, if he decides to proceed with his political ambition. News 5 indicated that Willoughby’s former City Hall colleague, Dean Samuels, has been reportedly given a position with the Ministry of Human Development because of his decision to not run in the division. If Willoughby does decide to step aside, Micheal Peyrefitte will go up against Shane Castillo in the Division. It is expected that Castillo will not pose a great challenge to Peyrefitte, the U.D.P favored candidate in the division.

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