Winners of Patriotic Video Competition Announced

For the last month, Belizeans had the opportunity to demonstrate their love of country through a social media video competition, organized by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). Videos of 3-5 minutes in song, dance, poetry, and other formats were produced and placed on Youtube and Facebook for viewing and judging, both by the general public and judges. In the end, from a handful of entries, Janessa Teck’s vlcsnap-2014-09-20-09h29m06s251“I’m A Belizean” placed first for the $1,000 cash prize on offer.

Second place went to Vanessa Edwards, who wrote a poem titled “Real Belizean. While Kyraan Gabourel, who contrasted the lofty language of the National Anthem “Land of the Free” with Belize’s current conditions, placed third.  That video also won the Viewer’s Choice Award for having the most likes and shares on Facebook. The competition is expected to become an annual event.

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