“Witch-hunt “ of Youth Council Leaders who voted against “gender” wording in constitution?

There have been accusations of a “witch hunt” for those young leaders of the Belize National Youth Council who voted to remove references tovlcsnap-2016-06-24-15h05m59s175 “gender” and “gender equality” from its constitution.  The terms “Gender” and “Gender equality” have become buzz words for the LGBT agenda where gender becomes fluid and can include a  plethora of  “identities”.  On June 11 2016, the body of elected youth leaders  for the National Youth Council voted overwhelmingly to have those words removed and  now, one youth organization , named the Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM), under the sponsorship of BFLA, has issued a press release, attacking one of those youth council presidents as “homophobic” for statements he made on his own Facebook page. The lengthy press statement condemns the Youth leader and all those other youth leaders, the majority, who voted to have the controversial words removed from the National Youth Council’s constitution. Plusnews understands that the National Evangelical Association of Belize is preparing to issue a statement of its own where it will purportedly stand in solidarity with the National Youth Council for the stance it has taken and condemn the use of bullying techniques of YAM and other LGBT lobbying groups to have their way, despite a democratic process held by the National Youth Council. As soon as we receive that statement we will be sure to share it with you.

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