Woman Builds House On Wrong Lot; City Council Extends Deadline for Removal

vlcsnap-2014-02-25-01h32m39s235Last week, we also told you of one Mrs. Hada Gonzalez, who, through a loan with Atlantic Bank, had bought a piece of property in the Mountain View Area, lot number 6084.

Officially confirmed, she has all rights to that piece of land.   However, on Thursday of last week,  she was told by members of City Council and Police Authorities that her house would be dismantled because she had built her house on property belonging to the City Council.

The situation got even more complicated when an individual approached her and told her she was on his property, lot number 6085.

Today we went to check with RECONDEV on this situation and found out that the Mrs. Hada Gonzalez had erected her little structure on the boundary of lot number 6084 and the Creek Reserve, and was out of the boundary of her own property.

Mayor Simeon Lopez is of the opinion that this was a genuine error, and so will be extending the deadline to move her house to within her boundary.

vlcsnap-2014-02-25-00h55m52s52Mr. Simeon Lopez-  Mayor of Belmopan

“The building was constructed out of error.  I told him that they have to survey, make sure they have the proper pegs and make sure they build on their property.  She does have title for her parcel, but she has constructed on the wrong parcel”.

vlcsnap-2014-02-25-01h28m40s93Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “How much the City Council have given her on time credit?”

Mayor Simeon Lopez:   “We just said a reasonable time and Mr. Moore is satisfied with that.  He promised last week to go and start the relocation immediately.  So, let’s hope that we can do it within reasonable time.  We will not just go there and break down again.  We will find out why he could not do it in that reasonable time and if he desires a day or two more, then, we will go with that”.


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