Woman charged for drug trafficking

A young woman from Belize City allegedly admitted to police that she had possession of marijuana at her residence in Conch Shell Bay.

20 year old Carolee Orosco pleaded not guilty to a charge of drug trafficking before Magistrate Dale Cayetano.

On Wednesday morning around 11:35, the Eastern Division Strike Team, led by Constable Stephen Ferguson, visited Orosco’s residence, and Constable Ferguson, after informing her of the reason they were there, asked if she had anything to declare. Constable Ferguson reported that Carolee Orosco admitted to having one and quarter pound of cannabis in the bathroom. Police retrieved one plastic bag containing five separate bags with a quarter pound of weed each.

Magistrate Cayetano set bail at $3,000 and adjourned the case until February 10, 2015.

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