Woman charged with jewelry theft

33 year old Margarita Pech has been convicted four times previously for crimes of dishonesty ranging from handling stolen goods to burglary and theft. Again, she faces another such charge, this time burglary. Pech is accused of breaking into the house of 17 year old Kelsey Musa at Eyre Street in Belize City on May 29 where she allegedly stole items of jewelry and fashion jewelry valued at $3,235. The house maid found her inside and called police, who arrived to find her with some of the stolen items still in her possession. Pech pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and handling stolen goods and was remanded without bail after prosecutors cited the strength of the case, the prevalence of the crime and concerns over risk of flight by the accused if granted bail. Police have recovered surveillance camera footage suggesting that she was in the house. According to Pech, she was forced to do what she allegedly did; she claimed to have been taken to the house at knifepoint and told that if she did not go in and steal the items she would be cut up. After removing the items she gave them to her accomplice who gave her the fashion jewelry to keep. Pech reappears in court on July 27.

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