Woman Charged with Wounding Partner

A domestic quarrel turned ugly for a couple in Punta Gorda Town. But there are two sides of this story – Police say that a 43 year old woman reported that last week Sunday, around 10pm, she and her common-law husband got into a quarrel. The woman claims that he slapped her several times, then took money out of her purse and left. When he returned home, she alleges that he told her “I wah still catch you and kill you.” However, the common-law husband’s story doesn’t include these allegations. He said that around 10:30pm, he came home from a bar and she started an argument with him. He claims that she threw a chemical substance in his left eye. He was taken to the hospital where his injury was classified as wounding. The woman was arrested and charged for the crime of wounding. Police say this is not the first time the couple has had domestic issues.

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