Woman homeless after Belize City house collapses

A 62 year old Belize City woman suffered personal tragedy this morning after her house on Ebony Street collapsed without warning. The house had been standing for at least 42 years, but due to a combination of wet weather and aging wood, it crumbled and left her out of door. Laura Prince described her ordeal and what saved her life.

Laura Prince, Homeless after House Collapse: The state of the house before it collapsed was that it was really bent. It was bent back and front, so we knew that it would come to the front like this. I still stay there because I didn’t have anywhere else to stay. SO about 4’o clock this morning I got up and I came out of my bedroom and I walked into the hallway, by the time I got into the hallway between the two bug chairs them and I just hear a loud BANG. And I gaan up straight pan the ground, but what saved me is I see the ceiling come down, but because of the two big chairs it fell on the vlcsnap-2015-09-29-23h05m35s194chair. If those chairs weren’t there the ceiling would have been on me. I hear my neighbour calling for my other neighbour and they tell they how my house come down so he come shouted for me and asked me if I’m okay and where am I. And I told him I’m in the house but I’m stuck and I can’t come out. Then they called police and they came and took me out.

Prince says she approached multiple political personalities for assistance including Albert area representative Herman Longsworth and Housing Minister Michael Finnegan, as well as Albert hopeful Philip Willoughby.

Laura Prince, Homeless after house Collapse: Mr. Longsworth, Mr. Longsworth said that this is a house hazard and he can’t repair this fu you. He seh he will try and give me a house. When I went back, he said he can’t build no house again but he can repair. I tella Mr. Longsworth you can’t repair this house, this house can’t repair. So I nevah did gaan back.

Reporter: Which Mr. Longsworth is this?

Laura Prince, Homeless after house collapse: Herbert. Then from there Mr. Willobough come. He seh he a try help me put on two siv and I tell he you can’t do that because if you knock this house this house a come down. That da when they come round fu mek you try vote fu they and I tell they I vlcsnap-2015-09-29-23h06m00s181a vote caz I di look fu help. They neem come back none at all.

Reporter: So now in terms of the damages, what all got damaged that nuh good again?

Laura Prince, Homeless after house Collapse: I don’t know what all got damaged sweetie. I don’t know what damaged. I don’t know what else vlcsnap-2015-09-29-23h05m54s125left een deh weh nuh damaged. Before all of this happen, I mi gaan da Mister Finnegan fu gaan full out a paper with Lands and my papers and thing. Mr Finnegan full out the paper for me, that da from when they first win election in 08. From then he fill out the paper for me and said he a care it da Belmopan, I don’t know if he a care it da Belmopan. When I meet him I ask a Mr Finnegan weh happen to the paper? You fix it fu me? He seh yes man nuh worry I got yoh back and from then I nuh see tha man again.  

Prince says she is staying with one of her friends who lives alone. She can be reached for assistance at number 602-8404; she says she does not need further assistance apart from replacing the house.

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