Woman accuses her ex of rape

A 24 year old woman is accusing her ex of rape. The Corozal resident reported that on Tuesday March 19th, at about 8:30 P.M. she boarded a taxi van at the Santa Elena Border heading to her residence. When she got into the van, she noticed that her ex-common law husband was inside the van along with other passengers. She decided to still use the taxi as it was late. She got inside the taxi and the driver drove off. She told police that when she reached the area where she lives, she alerted the taxi driver to stop but her ex-common law husband told him to continue driving. The taxi driver made two stops, one at Paraiso Village and the other at the bus terminal in Corozal Town where she attempted to exit the vehicle but was held back by her ex. The driver continued driving towards Ranchito Village and upon reaching a feeder road, the ex husband ordered the driver to drive unto the road. When they reached a bushy area, he ordered the driver to stop. The ex and the driver then got out of the taxi and the driver began to take out the complainant’s ice coolers and placing them on the ground; at that time she again asked the driver to take her home but he refused and drove off leaving her in the bushy area with her ex. The ex husband then dragged the woman into the bushes where she started to cry. He reportedly then asked her to have sex with him but she refused. That is when he raped her. The woman says her ex husband refused to let her go and held her hostage inthe bushes for the night. The woman told police that she does not know the license plate nor driver of the van but if seen again she will be able to identify him. Police are now looking for the ex common law husband as their investigation continues.

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