Woman kills son- in -law, claims self defense

vlcsnap-2016-01-27-09h46m48s811A sixty-two-year-old resident of Biscayne mortally injured her son- in- law allegedly in self defense. On Friday the 22th of January, 62 year old Moszetta Reyes was at home with her mentally disabled daughter, Alva Reyes who is a mother of four. While at home, Alva’s boyfriend, Arthur Wade, came to see her but she was not feeling well so the mother told te boyfriend he could not see Alva.  After being denied access to his girlfriend, Wade and his mother- in- law got into a verbal argument. After going back and forth in argument, Wade allegedly launched an attack on his mother-in-law and from there the situation went downhill. Allegedly, Wade picked up a 3 foot long stick and started hitting Moszetta on her back. The 62 year old mother managed to escape and ran upstairs and called the police. While on the phone with the police, Wade jumped on top of her and started hitting her with the stick again. Moszetta then reached for a nearby machete and swung it, cutting Wade behind his neck, mortally injuring him. Insp. Juanito Cocom, O.C., Ladyville Police tells us more.


Insp. Juanito Cocom, O.C., Ladyville Police: At about 9:35 p.m., police responded to a chopping incident at Biscayne Village, Belizevlcsnap-2016-01-27-09h46m55s307 District.  Upon arrival, police observed a brown-skinned male person with a large cut wound on the back of his neck and another cut wound to the right upper arm.  He was bleeding profusely at the front steps of an upstairs plywood structure building.  Fearing for her life she managed to seek refuge upstairs, however, Arthur Wade followed her with the stick.  Ms. Moszetta then managed to get hold of a machete and swung it towards the accused, chopping him behind the neck.  Wade was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by BERT ambulance in a critical condition; however, at six p.m. last night, Sunday the twenty-fourth, he succumbed to his injuries.

Moszetta Reyes, mother of the mentally ill woman explained how the night started out.

Moszetta Reyes, Mother-in-law of Deceased: About 7:30 he comes around and I heard [him] down here talking to my daughter then afterwards he came to me for the key to go in the house and I refused and I still gave him the key but after ih tell me ih cyant open di door.  Ah seh well gimme back mi key. And I tek back di key from ahn and ah gaan upstairs.  So afta I deh up deh he come and he tell me give ahn back di key.  Ah tell ahn no because you seh yoh cyant open di door and ah noh di yoh di key again. He come down and he gaan eena di kitchen fi get di axe again but I believe ih couldn’t find di axe so ih use wahn big stick weh ih mi have di door open with and then ih staat to bruk di door.  Ah seh well ah wahn call di police pan you. vlcsnap-2016-01-27-09h47m14s126

Moszetta went on to explain exactly what transpired after she decided to call the police.

Moszetta Reyes, Mother-in-law of Deceased: I know dah dat ih grievance mi fa because ih neva wahn di police come to ahn.  And meanwhile I di talk to di police pan di phone then he cohn wid di stick, ih seh yo di call di police, yo di call di police and I turn and same way I turn he give me wahn hurt ya. When I run up the stairs he come behind me with the stick and then ih staat to whop.  Ih whop down di thing up deh and ih di ketch pan di thing and ih whop, I noh know weh I mi di do but mi hand hurt, di phone drop outta mi hand.  But before ih drop outta mi hand I di tell dehn, ah sehe ih di whop mi wid di stick now, yoh know and afta dat noh moh communication.  So I sehe well I haftu help myself because then he still deh afta me.  And I stood by the door and I mih have wahn machete by di door and I just staat to juck with di machete because then dis bwai noh wahn leff me lone.  And I juck until I sih ahn di fall back way.

After Reyes saw Wade on the ground, she called her son to come so he could assist her in calling the police and ambulance. When police finished processing the scene, they took Moszetta into custody. She shares what was going through her mind at the time.vlcsnap-2016-01-27-09h46m46s107

Moszetta Reyes, Mother-in-law of Deceased: I was worrying about whether or not he was alive or dead meanwhile I was in Ladyville with the police and well like, okay, afta dehn tell me ih dead well ah know there were some changes where I’m concerned, ah cyant really explain di change to unnu

According to DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, Moszeta has claimed self-defense, and the DPP office is reviewing the police file on the case.

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