Woman reports attempted abduction in Belize City

There was a separate report of an attempted abduction in Belize City on Thursday night.

An unidentified woman told police she was approached by the occupant of a gray vehicle on Central American Boulevard and asked to come with him ,which she refused to do.

Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster shares details and why such reports are concerning to police.


vlcsnap-2015-01-31-05h39m23s120Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster –  Deputy Officer in Command of Eastern Division

“A report was made by a female that a grey car slowed down beside her, and tried to entice her to get in the vehicle.  Hence the reason we are saying that all young persons of age should be prudent and be careful not to get into any vehicle with any stranger.

She didn’t get in the vehicle.

You have young persons who would pull up beside someone attractive, and try to  court them, and stuff like that.”

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