Woman stabbed to death by her children’s father

A 33 year old Punta Gorda woman was stabbed to death by the father of her three children in Belize City last night. According to reports, sometime around 7 o’clock last night, 33 year old Roxanna Pop was along with her ex-common law husband Nowellin Williams in front of Boulevard Plaza on Central American Boulevard, when an argument ensued between both of them. As a result, Williams stabbed her multiple times to the abdomen. Deputy Commisioner Chester Williams tells us Williams was detained and he is expected to be charged with murder before the day is out.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: Yesterday evening sometime after 7pm police were called to the KHMH. Upon arrival they saw one Roxanna Pop who had multiple stab wounds. She was being treated and later succumbed to her injuries. Police quickly investigated the matter and learnt that Ms. Pop had an encounter with her ex-common law in the area of 88 Shopping Center. That encounter led to him inflicting the stab wound to her and her subsequent demise. We have since detained the ex-common law who is Newlyn Williams and he will be charged for murder before the day end today.

Reporter: Do you know if he took the weapon with him, was it something he had while at the business?

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: From investigation, he took the weapon with him.

According to Chester Williams, the fight between Pop and Noelin Williams ensued as a result of jealousy. Deputy Commissioner Williams says that Noeli Williams wanted to get back with Roxanna Pop, but she refused.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: Well, it’s an act of jealousy. Apparently Mr. Williams wanted Ms. Pop to get back with him and she refused his request, and that was when he inflicted the stab wounds on her.

Our media colleagues in Belize City spoke to Roxanna Pop’s sister, Ashley Pop, who says that she got the news after police on the scene of the crime found her sister’s phone and gave her a call.

Vashti Pop, Sister of Roxanna Pop: The police officer that was on the scene first was the one that actually found her phone with her contacts in there. She went through the phone and then get to us as family, because she is actually from Punta Gorda so she really don’t have any family here besides her work family.

Reporter: So she was just working here and would go home how often?

Vashti Pop, Sister of Roxanna Pop: Well, we actually don’t have a set schedule on when we go home.

Reporter: Ok, we are understanding that she was going through the court system. I imagine it was her ex who was with her. Can you shed some light as to why she was killed?

Vashti Pop, Sister of Roxanna Pop: Honestly I don’t know what the reason is for which she was killed but she.., I wasn’t present, no one was present, but for one thing I would just like to clear up that she wasn’t having a good time, because I don’t think someone having a good time will end up in such thing.

Roxanna Pop was a cleaner and cook at the Cartridge Recycliing Company in Belize City for over a year. One of Pop’s Co- Workers, Ashley Foster, says that eyewitnesses informed her that they saw Pop with Williams before the stabbing incident, and she was not having a good time

Ashley Foster, Co-Workers: The media is saying that she was hanging out but as far as we know, we have a couple of neighbors who had seen her walking with the person and they said that she wasn’t having a good time, she was like in a back and forth with the person. So the thing is due to the fact that she is not really the type of person to be in and out, the neighbors don’t really know her business like that to say that she was with such and such a person.

As we said ealier, Noelin Williams is expected to be charged for the Crime of Murder.

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