Woman’s troubles after bail revoked

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Belizean American Kimberly Lino, whose bail of $30,000 was revoked last week by Justice John Gonzalez, almost fainted today when she was being escorted from the Supreme Court back to the holding cell at the magistrate’s court after she was told that her reapplication for bail has been adjourned until next Friday because the Crown is objecting to bail and asked for time to file its objections. Lino, charged with aggravated burglary and harm, has been in prison since August 7. Her bail was revoked because Justice Gonzalez found out that she is an American citizen and he believes that she has no ties to Belize. But according to her attorney Dickie Bradley, she has property in Belize and she is likely to lose her job; the charge against him has been withdrawn on a directive from the Director of Public Prosecution, Cheryl Lyn Vidal.  Bradley also revealed that she has a son who is attending Delil Academy in Dangriga and she has children who are to return to school in the US on Monday.

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